Monday, June 25, 2007

Poetry, Food, and Water

Seen on bumper sticker today:
Poetry is necessary.


Sorceress said...

Amen indeed!

Adrian Hester said...

For some reason, perhaps just ingrained perversity, this immediately reminded me of Kenneth Patchen's pronouncement, "People who say they love poetry and don't buy any are a bunch of cheap sons-of-bitches."

Toiler said...

That you would recall a line by an obscure beat poet is a bit perverse, true.

Patchen's on to something, but to be fair, not many people actually claim to love poetry in the first place, and those who do so claim can be divided into three types, not two: those who don't buy it and don't read it (the sons-of-bitches), those who buy it but don't read it (the underachievers), and finally that itsy-bitsy genus of oddballs who both buy and read, god bless them!

Me, I land somewhere between the underachievers and the oddballs.