Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2008 Arts Cruise

May I recommend, the 2008 Arts Cruise put on by the illustrious Quent Cordair Art Gallery.

Let's see: You work out first thing in the morning in a gorgeous promenade-like space overlooking the bow of the ship, then you take breakfast and coffee on your private balcony, then you meander over to your first lecture around mid-morning after which you enjoy an extraordinary lunch with friends and fellow art aficionados, then you take in a few more hours of (hopefully fascinating) lectures. After that, you have some time to stroll the decks, swim, have a drink with new acquaintances before you enjoy a lovely evening of social dining followed by entertainment designed specially for the Arts Cruise. Phew! Of course, the ship never sleeps, so if you're a night owl, then you will have even more time to chat over some academic aspects of, say, Rembrandt's "Night Watch" or Beethoven's Seventh.

This cruise isn't as expensive as you might think, considering the travel involved, the food, the venue, and the entertainment. Besides, this is the only way you'd ever get me onto one of those enormous floating barges called cruise ships, since I don't gamble, I'm not one to over-eat, and I grow tired of pool decks and mixed drinks. By filling the travel days attending lectures and the off-times socializing with other fans of art, the trip ought to be great fun.

And now there's even more reason to sign on. Linda Cordair, our host and cruise coordinator, just announced that "the inimitable Robin Field" will be joining the cruise as guest entertainer. Linda goes on to list his impressive acting and singing credentials: "ROBIN FIELD is an award-winning entertainer whose career has spanned six decades. As a singer-pianist his appearances have taken him from cabarets to Carnegie Hall. As an actor he won leading roles Off-Broadway in Your Own Thing, Look Me Up, Speed Gets the Poppys and the revival of Rodgers & Hart's Babes in Arms..." and that's only the beginning. (You can read more about Mr. Field by following the link to Linda's announcement.)

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and I just remembered one of the best reasons to attend the cruise: Bryan Larsen will be lecturing. Now there's a man who deserves to be heard. Bryan could just stand up and offer a few anecdotes about his work life, and I'd be thrilled to hear him speak. Sure he's got loads of talent, but he's also got at least as much chutzpah and determination. I can't wait.


Sara said...

Hey cool! Glad you're going Toiler. I'll have someone to joke with. I think we should have a little Blogger Conference on the side - meet me at bar IN the pool...heh heh. They do have one of those right? Never been on one of those floating barges. Anecdotes eh? I'll have to think of a few that Bryan WON'T be telling you - they're way more funny :) Very cool that you're going. See you there!

Toiler said...

Awesome! I'll meet you port side at the third bar stool, 7 o'clock sharp. I'll be wearing plaid shorts, an aloha shirt with a pink and yellow plumeria print, a fedora hat, and bomber sunglasses. :-)

Seriously, there will probably be someone sitting there looking just like that. If so, it's not me.

I look forward to meeting you, Sara. Cheers!